Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trees Make Seeds Make Trees: Copse #1 :

Chris Burch + Geoff Galve

Outdoor Installation

E.A.S.T Open Hours: Saturday and Sunday, November 13 + 14, 20 + 21, 11AM-6PM

Trees Make Seeds Make Trees is a new series that attempts to articulate my fascination with the seed as an example of possibility, growth and change. The seed is a mysterious enclosure with vast potential, I choose to mystify it and accentuate it's mystery by exaggerating the size and proportion of seed to tree. The trees themselves are new incarnations of trees that have fallen in the woods and have later been collected. The space created by the conjoined branches of the four trees is meant for contemplation and at it's most successful will be well integrated with the space around it while carving out it's own little environment to be separately experienced.

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