Friday, November 12, 2010

New @ The Visual Arts Center

Opening Reception and Poetry Reading: November 19, 6–9 pm

Featuring work by Kelly Rae Burns, Kristina Felix, Margot Holtman, Jules Buck Jones, Jonathon Keats,and Jill Pangallo

Anthropogenesis showcases the work of six contemporary artists who use animal imagery in ways ranging from exercises in draftsmanship to explorations of non-human consciousnesses. Jonathan Keats’ ballet for honeybees assumes an insect audience and performers. Jules Buck Jones’ new paintings of birds, reptiles and amphibians reference mankind’s taxonomic organization of animal species. Other artists, like Margot Holtman and Kelly Rae Burns, merge totemic human and animal forms, while others relate human and animal identities. Anthropogenesis considers animals and animal behavior as an artistic source.

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