Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Chance @ Lora Reynolds Gallery

Lora Reynolds Gallery
Closing Soon
Cordy Ryman: Scrapple

Closing Saturday, September 4

Saturday, August 28, 2010

New @ Pump Project

Fired Up! The Art of Ceramics Glass & Steel
Opening Saturday August 28, 7-10 pm
Exhibition Through September 18

Gallery hours Wednesday & Saturday, 12-5 pm and by appointment.

This is a beautiful exhibition featuring sculptural and functional work by Austin artists Ryan McKerley, Edmund Martinez, Sharon Smith, James Tisdale, Jennifer Prichard, Micah Evans, Morgan Graff, Sun McColgin, Mike Merritt, Jared Thies, Flo Vasquez,Rebecca Cole, Glenda Kronke, Colin McIntyre, Croix Williamson, Claire Montgomery and Mandy Sue Springer. Above artwork by Micah Evans, Glenda Kronke, Claire Montgomery, Elena Eidelberg, Brian Frisbee and Mike Merritt.
To RSVP on Facebook click here.
Above images: Micah Evans, Glenda Kronke, Claire Montgomery, Mike Merritt.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Red Dot Art Spree

15th Annual Red Dot Art Spree
more than 220 works of art all $500 or less! Join Us Thursday, September 16th!

Don't miss your chance to collect some of the best contemporary art being created today at the 15th annual Red Dot Art Spree. Choose from a selection of 220 works by famous and soon-to-be-famous artists from Texas and beyond, all priced at $500 or less. It will be a night of fabulous food by Fete Accompli, spirited art buying and paint-the-town-red fun, with a silent auction of destination packages, evenings with local celebs and other goodies. This event attracts bold face types who are bold about art.

VIP Pre-Spree Early Shopping + Art Spree http://womenandtheirwork.org/sponsorship_levels.html - Get first pick on your favorite works at the VIP Pre-Spree Early Shopping Champagne Hour from 6 to 7 pm @ $250 per person. Then kick back and enjoy the rest of the evening. There are a limited number of Pre-Spree tickets available.

Red Dot Art Spree Tickets http://womenandtheirwork.org/watw_tickets.html The ticked opening reception for the Red Dot Art Spree is 7-10pm. Or, if you wish, drop by Women & Their Work gallery, 1710 Lavaca, Austin, TX 78701, M-F 10-6pm & Sat. 12-5pm or call 512-477-1064. No tickets will be mailed; your name will be on a list at the door.

Sept. 16th is Tax Free Day. Pay no sales tax on purchases the night of Red Dot.
This is a huge event; for complete listings and new updates please see http://womenandtheirwork.org

Thank you for 15 great years of community support for the arts. Each fall hundreds of artists and businesses come together and support Women & Their Work’s creative mission. We are so proud to be of the community and for the community here in Austin, in Texas and in the wide world of creative culture. We thank the artists, businesses, event sponsors, weekly volunteers, art community panelists and the tireless AISD teachers who bring their students here. They all inspire us. Come celebrate 15 years of Red Dot Art Sprees with us!

Sneak Peek art preview montage:

from right to left, Red Dot Art Spree 2010 these original works are all priced at $500 or less!!

Fumika Yamamoto, Austin - “I Heart Austin - Tokyo (Mt. Bonnell and Tokyo)” Oil and acrylic on canvas, 2009, 36” x 48”
Faith Gay, Austin - “Candelaria Cache” paper, acrylic, 2009 14” x11”
Angela Fox, San Antonio - “Totem” mixed media, 2009, 16” x 20”
Amy Kligman, Kansas City - “Girl Disappearing” acrylic, canvas, 2010, 16” x 20”
Gladys Poorte, Austin - “The Green Room” oil on wood, 2010, 7.5” x 7.5”
Mel Kadel, Los Angeles - “The Flow” Pen & Ink Wash, Coffee, 2009, 8.5” x 7”
Stella Alesi, Austin - “#154 life energy mandala” oil on panel, 2010, 16”x16”

This is the Long Hot List of Donating Artists: Michael Abelman, Leon Alesi, Stella Alesi, Sterling Allen, Jill Alo, Andrew Anderson, Ben Appl, Jason Archer, Connie Arismendi, Kathleen Ash, Allison Aydelotte, Ethan Azarian, Lisa Beaman, Paul Beck, Jill Bedgood, Nan Blake, Sue Blevins, Ave Bonar, Kaci Lee Borowski, Elaine Bradford, Candace BriceƱo, Pat Brown, Tim Brown, Deja Lynn Browning, Debra Broz, Laura Calfee, Sandy Carson, Ann Chamberlin, Polly Chandler, Jose Chapa, Isabelle Chapman, Daniel Charez, Susan Cheal, Jennifer Chenoweth, John Christensen, Sunyong Chung, Lisa Kearsley Cowling, Amy Crider, Kate Csillagi, Olivia Cuenca, Gail Dawson, Jeffrey Dell, Leah DeVun, Noah Dillon, Anna Donlan, Ray Donley, Diana Dopson, Cloyd Dowlin, Tom Druecker, Catherine Dudley, Suzanne Dulany, Angela Earley, Celia Eberle, Russell Etchen, David Everett, Shepard Fairey, Kelly Fearing, Phyllis Finley, Virginia Fleck, Carol Flueckiger, Heyd Fontenot, Valerie Fowler, Angela Fox, Alyson Fox, Nine Francois, Laurie Frick, Matthew Fuller, Martha Gannon, Laura Garanzuay, April Garcia, Anthony Garza, Claire Gaston, Sean Gaulager, Faith Gay, Robin Dru Germany, Jean Graham, Lauren Grant, Jasmyne Graybill, Nathan Green, Martha Grenon, Chia Guillory, Marian Haigh, Jan Heaton, David Hefner, Margaret Henkels, Ryan Hennessee, Hector Hernandez, Maggy Hiltner, Nancy Higgins, Kathleen Holder, Chris Holloway, Randy Howard, Michael Ryan Howell, Aralyn Hughes, William Hundley, Liz Hunt, Allison Hunter, Roi James, Heather Jarry, Laura Jennings, Heather Johnson, Marilyn Jolly, Jessica Jones, Jules Buck Jones, Mel Kadel, Lynda Young Kaffie, Rachel Kalisky, Germaine Keller, Tim Kerr, Billy Kirkland, Will Klemm, Amy Kligman, Knitta Please, Rachel Koper, Anna Krachey, Amy Kwalwasser, Labrona, Marilyn Lanfear, Sandra Langston, Matt Lankes, Alicia Lasby, Ryan Lauderdale, Jon Lawrence, David Leonard, Lauren Levy, Suzanne Lewis, Shea Little, Beili Liu, Andrew Long, Michael Long, Karen Mahaffy, Christa Mares, Joey Marez, Jacqueline May, Caitlin McCollom, Zach McDonald, Dennis McNett, Margaret Meehan, Sybil Miller, Christian Moore, Jung Hee Mun, Kia Neill, Pamela Nelson, Teruko Nimura, Nate Nordstorm, Luisa Renee Nunez, Betsy Odom, Wura Natasha Ogunji, Irene Olivieri, Mari Omori, Harmony Padgett, Jason Paradis, Mike Parsons, Chrissy Paszalek, Beverly Penn, Hope Perkins, Greg Pettit, Joseph Phillips, Rino Pizzi, Deborah Poisot, Arleen Polite, Gladys Poorte, Carolyn Porter, Denise Prince, Damian Priour, Margaret Ratelle, Susan Kemner Reed, Claudia Reese, Andy Rihn, Sean Ripple, Irene Roderick, Matthew Rodriguez, Carlos Rosales-Silva, William Rosshirt, John Sager, Nancy Wilson Scanlan, Michael Schliefke, Amanda Schoppel, Cody Seigmund, Ian Shults, Michael Sieben, Carol Sikes, Annie Simpson, Margaret Simpson, Rory Skagen, Charlotte Smith, Don Snell, Xochi Solis, Andy St. Martin, Sarah Stevens, Tracie Storie, Debra Sugerman, Supher, Dan Sutherland, Jana Swec, Neesha Thakkar, Eliza Thomas, Jill Thrasher, Roman Traycey, Ellen Tuchman, Laura Turner, Marilyn Avery Turner, Jason Urban, Kathy Van Torne, Chris Vestre, Bob Wade, Phillip Wade, Marilyn Waligore, Jade Walker, Tina Weitz, Jamie Wentz, Matt Wester, Wendy Davenport Whatley, Jeffrey Wheeler, Louis Wheeler, Elizabeth White, Susan Whyne, Clint Wilson, Liliana Wilson, Steve Wiman, Amanda Wingfield, Shelley Wood, Caroline Wright, Fumika Yamamoto, Sydney Yeager, Virginia Yount and Celina Zisman.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Currently @ Big Medium

All Aboard
Big Medium (formerly Bolm Studios)
July 31 - August 28, 2010

Take a wild ride at Big Medium Gallery in the new exhibition All Aboard, a collaborative show brought to you by Mike Parsons and friends! Mike Parsons's paintings are showcased which are centered around a collaborative piece featuring friends and local artists. Sunju Shin, Zack McDonald, Andy Rihn, Matt Rodriguez, Dennis Hodges, Mike Aho, and Michael Sieben have contributed a handmade stuffed creature that will be placed aboard a small boat. Parsons' show explores artistic collaboration along with childhood objects through "the language of surreal adventure".

Big Medium (formerly Bolm Studios)
(512) 385-1670
5305 Bolm Road
Austin, TX 78721 map

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New @ Co-Lab

Subliminal Cognizance : Kim Wimprine

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 11, 7-11PM

On View By Appointment Only: September 12-17

Closing Reception: Saturday, September 18, 7-11PM

"My work aims to create an energy in space. By installing and incorporating handmade ceramic pieces with other mixed media, I create large-scale interactive sculptures. The forms that I use come from objects that we encounter on a daily basis. Some derive from objects that we constantly interact with and use whereas others come from objects which we mostly fail to realize. I have a particular interest in industry: all the things that hover over and around us in order to meet our everyday needs. These are things that are often times not realized by the eye and mind but rather, taken for what they are and eliminated from our daily consciousness. In my installations I attempt to draw the viewer's attention to these forms while stripping away their original meaning and function. By making these things nameless they become obscure forms that work together to create a unique and energetic space that allows the viewer to pull from their own subconscious associations with shape, form, texture and color."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This Saturday @ Seventy-Seven Gallery


Also including the art of Smut One and Alie Jackson, live painting from Brooks Scott and aerosol installations from Slie One from Tits crew and Rei One. Show starts at 6pm and there will be alcohol. To drink you need to make a $5 dollar donation. Show will be hosted by Downtown Katie Brown. See you there! jb

900 E. 6th St. #103, Austin TX 78702

Tues - Sat: 2-9

Monday, August 23, 2010

New @ D Berman

he delicate gouache works on paper in Joseph Phillips’ current body of work are subtly satirical explorations of imagined utopias and play with ideas of land commodification. The works in this series depict pre-fabricated land units that could theoretically be dropped into place in affluent suburban sprawl. Phillips uses a specific and limited palette of soothing colors for his counterfeit environments to reference the consumer aspect of his modular land units, not unlike images in a catalogue.

String Theory (Earth), 2010
gouache, ink & graphite
18 x 24 inches

hawn Smith’s meticulously created and fantastical sculptures present un-natural nature to a society increasingly influenced and reliant on television and computers for a digital window to the natural world. These pixilated, abstracted forms are immediately engaging and seemingly familiar. Smith says, “My conceptual and material practice explores digital identity, color, colliding systems of information, labor, technology, and science. As an object maker, I am interested in relating these concepts back to the symbiotic connection between the hand and the ‘thing.’"

Naturally Competitive Patterns, 2010
Balsa, Bass, acrylic paint, and ink
30 x 24 x 13 inches

The gallery is open for summer hours during August from 12 -5 & by appointment

26 August - 9 October 2010
Joseph Phillips & Shawn Smith
Please join us for the opening reception on
Thursday, August 26 from 6-8 pm.

A gallery talk with the artists will be held on Saturday, September 11 at 1 pm.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New @ Pump Project

Fired Up! The Art of Ceramics Glass & Steel
Opening Saturday August 28, 7-10 pm
Exhibition Through September 18

Gallery hours Wednesday & Saturday, 12-5 pm and by appointment.
Featuring sculptural and functional work by Austin artists Ryan McKerley, Edmund Martinez, Sharon Smith, James Tisdale, Jennifer Prichard, Micah Evans, Morgan Graff, Sun McColgin, Mike Merritt, Jared Thies, Flo Vasquez, Rebecca Cole, Glenda Kronke, Colin McIntyre, Croix Williamson, Claire Montgomery and Mandy Sue Springer. Above artwork by Micah Evans, Glenda Kronke, Claire Montgomery and Mike Merritt.

Pump Project Art Complex:
702 Shady Lane, near the intersection of East 7th St. & Airport Blvd & 183 [google map]
Pump Project Satellite:
1109 Shady Lane, neat the intersection of Bolm Rd and Airport Blvd [google map]

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Save the date for The Harry Ransom Center

The Harry Ransom Center announces a special evening to celebrate the opening of the exhibition Discovering the Language of Photography: The Gernsheim Collection. Join us for a “Picture Perfect Evening” on Friday, September 10.

Guests will enjoy light hors d’oeuvres, a specialty cocktail featuring Tito’s Handmade Vodka, a photo booth, tours of the exhibition, and special screenings in the theater. Guests will have the opportunity to win a photography-inspired giveaway prize, to create "make & take" photo keepsakes with The WonderCraft, and to purchase the exhibition catalog, The Gernsheim Collection.

Become a member now to receive a complimentary ticket andvalet parking for this special event. Or, if you are not yet a member, you may purchase individual tickets for $20 (valet parking included).

Join or purchase tickets online or by calling 512-232-3669.

We look forward to seeing you in September.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last chance @ D Berman

Faith Gay & Raymond Uhlir
closes Saturday, August 21

You have until this Saturday
to see new work by these two talented artists
so stop on by before the show ends!!

Raymond Uhlir

Oh Holy Spectacle, We Believe in You.
(Was it Ever Happening?)

Gouache and Ink on Paper
9 x 12 1/2 inches

Summer Gallery Hours:
July & August: Tues-Sat 12-5, or by appt.

Faith Gay
Perpetual Distraction/
Failed Interaction/Repeat #2

Paper, Plastic, Tape & Cardboard on Panel
30 x 26 inches

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Artist video @ The Blanton

Artist Video: Johan Grimonprez, Double Take

Event Title:Artist Video: Johan Grimonprez, Double Take
Event Description:

Recognized in the arenas of both art and film, Grimonprez has been included in exhibitions throughout the world. His films have appeared at numerous film festivals, with Double Take premiering in both Europe at the Berlin Film Festival and in the US at the Sundance Film Festival.Double Take casts Alfred Hitchcock as a paranoid history professor, unwittingly caught up in a double take on the cold war period. Grimonprez targets the global rise of "fear-as-commodity" as television hijacks cinema, the Kruschev and Nixon kitchen debate rattles on, and sexual politics quietly take off. Blanton auditorium

This special screening is a part of Thirs Thursday, The Blanton's monthly, free evening featuring various activities.

Date:Thursday, August 19, 2010 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Blanton Auditorium


The Blanton is located at the intersection of Brazos and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.


Paid parking is available in the Brazos Garage on Brazos Street and MLK. Parking is $3, bring yout ticket with you to the museum.