Saturday, November 27, 2010

New @ Champion Contemporary

Dan Rushton "Planted"

Project Room: Chris Sauter "Exploding Silos"

Opening: Thursday Dec 2, 7-10 PM
Exhibition: Dec 2 - Jan 15, 2011

Presenting new and never seen before works at Champion, Dan Rushton’s paintings are visceral compositions in vibrant hues that contemplate otherworldly meditations on life.

Rushton employs an exacting collage technique in his works that involves the layering of multiple swathes of painted paper to create both seductive and jarring imagery. The graduation of materials builds a deep textural effect and coupled with his brushwork imbues the lustre-like sheen of ceramics. Furthermore, Rushton’s vivid palette and gradation forms a rhythmic dance of majestic robust blooms in moody contortions.

Incorporating classical allegorical references with traces of Greco-Roman aesthetic and past decorative genres, Rushton paints a world that has been reduced to figure, vessel and landscape. The figure only seen from the waist down is a stand in for all ego driven creatures, the vessel, a go between, between the figure and the landscape, and the landscape with foliage representing the world outside of ourselves. Each painting offers some aspect of the relationships between these subjects.

800 Brazos Street

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