Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday, March 28th @ Birdhouse Gallery

Pornsaints Art Show

Pornsaints is an artistic approach to porn, a pornographic approach to art, a pornoartistic approach to religion.

Painting, drawing, mixed-media photography and film works by Naomi Arton, Ida
Belogi, Francesco D'isa, Jeff Faerber, Katelan Foisy, Michael Forbes, Zoe Lacchei,
Steven Leyba, Danny Malbeouf, Robert Morris, Van Rijn, Natalie Shau, Ellen Stagg,
Pamela Tait, Nathalie Winans
and Kris Wlodarski.

Artworks are based upon the idea that porn stars may be "sanctified" by their performances.
The Porn Church is the art side of porn and the porn side of art. It's a porn-art community, a new wave from internet's gutters, raising to consecrate underground stars. Art needs something naughty, porn need something classy, and here we are.??As D'Isa wrote in his essay "Pornsaints - a brief essay about pornography and transcendence", the definition of a Pornsaint is inspired by many religious concepts and beliefs. It's closer to Mystic and Oriental definitions (Taoism most of all) more than Christian. If God is the most unreachable concept, the saint, being closer to God, renounces human features and identity. A cool separation from the world, like an extreme behavior, is one way to overstep humanity. "...the pornsaint dwells in the house of the saints, but got there traveling a different way, and came in knocking at another door." ??We are the Porn Church and we make the Porn Culture. Everything classy is welcome at - vulgarity included.?
Company/organization info:?Founded by the artist Francesco D'Isa in early 2007, Pornsaints is based in Italy, and made up of artists from around the world working in an array of mediums ranging from digital video to oil and canvas. Porn stars featured in Pornsaints pieces have included Madison Young, Kylie Ireland, Stoya, Sasha Grey, Kimberly Kane, Charlotte Stokely and Katsuni. Other artists have included Molly Crabapple, Zak Smith, Marguerite Sauvage and many others.

Opening Reception:
Sunday, March 28th

This exhibit is intended for mature viewers.

1304 E. Cesar Chavez in Austin, TX 78702.

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