Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LIVE NUDE : Roseanne Black, Saturday, April 3, 7-11PM @ Co-Lab

Per-formative Installation :Saturday, April 3, 7-11PM

Sex is everywhere: TV, news, magazines, movies... Without argument, sex bares its head most dominantly in advertisements. The average American is subjected to 10,000 ads daily, at least one third pertaining to sex. Often, sex is graphically displayed with nudity and replication of the act in images; it is also used on us through the power of suggestion. An open mouth, carefully positioned fingers, even make-up worn by the model can be incredibly sexually stimulating evoking an emotional response from the viewer, now potential customer. Why is nudity illegal when it remains the greatest marketing tool used on the public? Is sexuality kept a dirty thing in society so that it remains profitable? How does sex influence our purchases? Do we actually make a sincere internal connection between sex and unrelated products, or are we simply responding to our natural desires to attract and connect? Perhaps it would be more fulfilling to focus our sexual energies toward becoming better lovers than savvier consumers? Becoming lovers willing to be more interested in the other person than are worried about interesting that other person in our appearance. Sexuality should be a joy, not a competition. Experience this plastic world of sex in print, and let it inspire you to fearlessly embrace your own deep and organic desires without considering how fashionable you look when you fuck.

A New Media Project Space
+ Community Garden

613 Allen St.
Austin, TX 78702

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