Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upcoming @ The Dougherty

November 4 - 27

Steve Dubov, Shawn Camp and Heather Tolleson form this collective from Austin who’s work explores the compulsion to industrialize the organic.

Art is formed by intention, the intention to discover and reveal what is true to the artist and his perception. But man’s perception is limited, truncated, and confined. Out of necessity, man attempts to master himself and nature, to arbitrarily grid a fluid existence in order to categorize and understand. How do we control the uncontrollable and how does our interference shape, mar, or misperceive the human landscape?

With this body of work, each member of Telos seeks to study, synthesize, and scrutinize the place where man meets nature, himself, and the divine. Utilizing materials and processes unique to them - including thickly textured oil paint, recycled windshield glass, and free-pour bronze - these artists struggle with what it is to be human - as informer and informed.
Thursday. November 4, 6 - 9pm

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