Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New @ Co-Lab

Subliminal Cognizance : Kim Wimprine

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 11, 7-11PM

On View By Appointment Only: September 12-17

Closing Reception: Saturday, September 18, 7-11PM

"My work aims to create an energy in space. By installing and incorporating handmade ceramic pieces with other mixed media, I create large-scale interactive sculptures. The forms that I use come from objects that we encounter on a daily basis. Some derive from objects that we constantly interact with and use whereas others come from objects which we mostly fail to realize. I have a particular interest in industry: all the things that hover over and around us in order to meet our everyday needs. These are things that are often times not realized by the eye and mind but rather, taken for what they are and eliminated from our daily consciousness. In my installations I attempt to draw the viewer's attention to these forms while stripping away their original meaning and function. By making these things nameless they become obscure forms that work together to create a unique and energetic space that allows the viewer to pull from their own subconscious associations with shape, form, texture and color."

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