Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Opening @ D Berman

Gladys Poorte
Unavoidable Outcome


Sarah Greene Reed
On the Dot

Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, May 20, from 6-8 pm.
Gladys Poorte, The Dance, 2009
Sarah Greene Reed, I-XII
from the On the Dot Series, 2010

Gladys Poorte says of Unavoidable Outcome: “My paintings are constructions of concrete objects that refer to an elusive narrative. I arrive at my paintings by an intuitive process. I create set-ups using a variety of common everyday objects … I arrange them in elaborate settings and then paint these from life. The objects are selected … to bring out associations that are different from the objects’ actual function. The narratives evoked by the paintings refer to themes of authority and submission, religion, oppression and rebellion, relationships among members of society, human comings and goings. The world is a complicated place. My role is that of an observer, someone watching from a distance trying to figure out what it’s all about.”

Sarah Greene Reed says of On The Dot: “In On the Dot, I scrap the rectangle entirely and am making perfectly circular collages to be printed and framed in circles. By tweaking the format, I’ve challenged myself to approach composition in a new way. In On the Dot, I stretch myself in terms of source material. Feeling a bit removed from the physicality of traditional painting by working digitally, I began reverse painting on glass for fun and found that by scanning the results, a fresh dimension was added to the work. The impetus for this show was to focus on the circle. The result, for me, was to look at composition in a new way and to revel in the subtleties of color.”

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