Monday, June 21, 2010

Art meets dance

Califa Arts Collaborative Presents 'Dance Meets Arts Meets Music'

[JUNE 18TH & 19TH, 6:30 AND 9:00PM]

Califa Arts Collaborative is a collection of artists inspiring unity in the
Austin art world. We are being driven by the desire to make art more
accessible to everyone. Four FREE shows performed on June 18 and 19 (6:30
pm and 9:00 pm both nights) will include three original new works of dance inspired by both music and visual art. The first piece, titled “The Greatest of These”, features the collaboration between choreographer Reginald Harris and composer Catherine Davis. The second piece,
choreographed and performed by Lisa del Rosario and titled “Home with Yellow Fever”, is inspired by the music of Yellow Fever and the visual artistic talent of Alyson Fox. The evening will conclude with a large scale collaboration between choreographer Michelle Thompson, visual artists Caroline Wright, and musicians Jordan Moser, Lex Land, Jarrett Killen, and
Nicholas Walker. The piece, titled “Hiding Places”, will feature a live performance by the musicians as well as projections by artist Caroline Wright. The show will include dancers from all over Austin, including your local ballet company, Ballet Austin.

Admission: Free! **(donations greatly appreciated)

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